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Jainah has worked in Singapore between years 2005 - 2016. She has experienced taking care of elderly, children, cooking & does household chores in bungalow.

She is pleasant, patience, friendly & cheerful, willing to learn new things & try her best to cope with it.

Married (39)
Ref: IRS1309
Upd on 29-Dec-16

Umisah has about 10 years experience working in a Chinese Indonesian family. She does housework & cooking.

She can cook simple Indonesian food. She is hardworking & good in household chores.

Single (33)
Ref: IS1128
Upd on 29-Dec-16

Sulistinah worked in Singapore about 9 years. She has experience taking care of 3months old child, elderly care, cooking & house cleaning in a Chinese family.

Married (46)
Ref: IRS1306
Upd on 20-Sep-16

Ngongo worked in Singapore from years 2010 - 2014 with few families. She has experience taking care young children aged 6 years old, taking care of dog and

doing household chores & does simple cooking.

Divorced (38)
Ref: IRS1301
Upd on 29-Aug-16

Year 2010 - 2012 Helda worked in Jakarta with 4 people in the family. She does cooking, housework & take care a 4yrs old child.

Year 2012 - 2013 She worked in Singapore with 8 people in the house. She take care of 4 children, does housework & cooking.

She can cook simple Indonesian food, speaks a little english.

Married (27)
Ref: IRS1300
Upd on 02-Aug-16

During Year 2010 Yuni Sara worked in Bandung to take care of children.

Year 2013 - 2014 She worked in Singapore taking care of Ah mah, children and do housework.

Year 2014 - 2016 She worked with Chinese family taking care ah mah, does housework & cooking.

She can cook chinese food, can speak above average english.

Single (26)
Ref: IRS1299
Upd on 02-Aug-16

Istiqomah worked in Singapore with Malay family for 7 months, she does housework & cooking.

She has worked in Dubai for 2 years as a housemaid, she does housekeeping & cooking.

Married (32)
Ref: IRS1298
Upd on 11-Jun-16

Suryati worked 4 years in Saudi Arabia.

Year 2013 - 2014 she worked in Singapore took care of 80yrs elderly ah mah having stroke. She bathe, change, feed, carry her from wheelchair to bed.

She also does cooking and housekeeping. She is not afraid of dog, have experienced taking care of dog.

Married (39)
Ref: IRS1297
Upd on 01-May-16

Juliani worked in Singapore from year 2000 - 2015. She does housekeeping, cooking & marketing in a Chinese family.

She can cook Chinese / Indonesian food. She is able to take care of dogs.

Single (41)
Ref: IRS1296
Upd on 22-Apr-16

Florebel worked in Singapore 6 years plus. She has experience working in big house looking after young children, cooking, marketing & housekeeping.

She is always keen to learn new things to gain more knowledge.

Married (39)
Ref: PS0133
Upd on 02-Mar-16

Asti worked in Singapore from Jan 2013 - May 2015. She has experience looking after children 13 & 16yrs old, does cooking & house cleaning and look after a small dog (feed & bathe). She is a polite & pleasant girl.

Married (29)
Ref: IRS1292
Upd on 25-Nov-15
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