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Year 2008 - 2011 Ari worked in Jakarta with Chinese family of 7 people in a 2 storey house. She does cooking, cleaning, gardening & takes care of 5 & 7 yrs children.

Year 2015 - 2016 Ari worked in Singapore with Chinese family of 3 people in a 3 storey house. She does cooking, can cook western / chinese food e.g.

pasta, steak, salad, fried noodles, curry chicken, rendang, soup etc. She also does housework & gardening and look after a small dog.

Single (25)
Upd on 03-Nov-16

*** Katmini worked in Saudi Arabia for 4 years. During that time she took care baby from newborn to 3 yrs old. She does the cooking and all the household chores like cleaning and washing. She finished her contract.

*** She worked in Singapore for 6 yrs with for 2 Chinese family employer. 1st employer she took care of 9 yrs. old twin boy and girl. She send and fetch them from school and tuition centre. She also prepare and cook food for them. She also play with them. Do all the household chores, cleaning, washing, ironing and laundry.

*** She worked with a 2nd employer Chinese Japanese family for 4 yrs., they stay in a 3 storey house. She cycles from the house to the market about half hour to do her marketing. During weekends she cooked for 14 people and prepared for about 6 dishes each time. She can cook Chinese, Indonesian, Arabian and simple Japanese food. She also can follow recipe books. She can plan the everyday dishes and even for party independently. She does the gardening, planting lady finger, bittergourd, sweet potatoes, chili, papaya and flower. Cut the grass cutting machine once in a month. She take care of 22 small fishes in a pond which she need to wash, clean and change the water in a month. She do all the household chores like cleaning, washing, ironing, laundry and mopping. She also accompany the Akong and Ahmah to go exercise, clinic and shopping. Do car washing everyweek. She can speak and understand a bit of Mandarin, can speak good English and a bit of Arabic. She is matured, got her own initiative, independent and hard working.

*** Year 2013 - 2016 She works for a Chinese family taking care of a Parkinson ah gong, she accompany ah gong see doctor, bring him for walk, feed, bathe & does changing etc, she also does cooking and housekeeping.

Married (35)
Upd on 09-Oct-16

Sulistinah worked in Singapore about 9 years. She has experience taking care of 3months old child, elderly care, cooking & house cleaning in a Chinese family.

Married (46)
Upd on 20-Sep-16

Admini worked about 8years in Singapore between 2006 - 2016 with Indian & Chinese family.

Year 2006 - 2012 She worked with Indfian family take care of children aged 3,4yrs old, does cooking, cleaning.

Year 2013 - 2016 She worked with Chinese family, she take care of baby, 2 & 4yrs old children, assist Ah mah aged 74yrs old,

does cooking & cleaning and look after 1 medium size dog. She can cook chicken rice, curry chicken, sweet & sour pork & soups.

She is pleasant, responsive, willing to learn new task.

Married (34)
Upd on 17-Sep-16

Year 2014 - 2016 Purwanti worked in Jakarta with a family of 3 people. She looks after 1 child, does cooking, cleaning & ironing.

She can cooke simple Indonesian food: rendang, gado gado, opor, soto, fried rice/noodles/fish/chicken & soup.

Married (23)
Upd on 17-Sep-16

Year 2010 - 2013 Inah worked in Jakarta with a family of 5 people. She take care & walk the dog, she does washing car, cooking & housekeeping.

She can cook simple Indonesian food like steamed chicken, soto, fried chicken / fish/ rice / noodles & veggies.

Married (24)
Upd on 01-Sep-16

Year 2013 - 2016 Siti worked in Jakarta with a family of 3 people. She takes care of a 5yrs old child, does cooking, household chores.

She can cook simple Indonesian food e.g. fried noodles /rice / chicken / fish & make some soup.

Single (23)
Upd on 01-Sep-16

Ngongo worked in Singapore from years 2010 - 2014 with few families. She has experience taking care young children aged 6 years old, taking care of dog and

doing household chores & does simple cooking.

Divorced (38)
Upd on 29-Aug-16

Umisah has about 10 years experience working in a Chinese Indonesian family. She does housework & cooking.

She can cook simple Indonesian food. She is hardworking & good in household chores.

Single (33)
Upd on 04-Aug-16

Year 2010 - 2012 Helda worked in Jakarta with 4 people in the family. She does cooking, housework & take care a 4yrs old child.

Year 2012 - 2013 She worked in Singapore with 8 people in the house. She take care of 4 children, does housework & cooking.

She can cook simple Indonesian food, speaks a little english.

Married (27)
Upd on 02-Aug-16

TELSTAR provides dedicated and personalised service to our clients. It is our goal to achieve customer satisfaction. We source and interview maids in Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar to select the most experienced maids to meet your family.


Our full package range FROM $888 (Exclude Medical Insurance/Bond/SIP/ Admin Fee) Consists of the following: 

  • Documentation of Work Permit Application
  • Medical Check Up
  • Arrangement for Thumbprint
  • Collection of Work Permit Card
  • Free Counselling Service
  • Free Intensive Household Training
  • Meeting Service to Fetch Maid at the Airport
  • TWO Replacements within Six Months. Each replacement Employer need to pay the Admin Fee and Employer need to buy New Insurance

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